Taking care of the Earth and of other species on this planet is not a new trend.  In fact, I believe that conservation is embedded in our human nature, rather than a learned trait.  Although, it seems as though, periodically we have forgotten, or ignored our natural instincts in favor of more selfish pursuits.  As […]

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Rewilding San Francisco pt. 2

Working to take care of the Earth and other species on this planet is not a new phenomenon. In fact, I believe that conservation is not a learned trait but rather something that is embedded in our human nature. The desire to take care of the Earth, plants, animals, and other humans is ingrained in […]

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Rewilding San Francisco pt. 1

Many more people want to address environmental issues than in past generations. Especially here in San Francisco, a city known for it’s environmental activism. However, few know exactly how to tackle this hot button issue. Many of us recycle as well as choose the “green” option while shopping, which although are both valid and extremely […]

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A Case for San Francisco

Here in San Francisco, we like to boast about how amazing our city is. We take pride in the fact that it is clean, green, and organic. We like to shop locally while thinking globally. The city has many environmentally aspects, but I have a vision for it to be more.  I think that San […]

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Can Humans and Nature Coexist?

“Climate change is directly related to the rise of global terrorism.” -Bernie Sanders Weather Forecast for Today: Mass Extinction Polar bears balancing on melting icecaps; orangutans struggling to find shelter among a wasteland that was once an abundant forest. These are the images that come to my mind when I hear that we are on the […]

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For you: An Essential Reading List

Balter, M. (2014, January 28). What killed the great beasts of North America? [Web log]. In Science AAAS. Retrieved from http://news.sciencemag.org/archaeology/2014/01/wh… A major component of rewilding is the “overkill hypothesis” that implies that the extinction of Paleolithic species, like the giant sloth, was due to human activity.  We either chased animals out as we began to settle and […]

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The Big, Bad Wolf Next Door?

Rewilding is one of the most effective forms of conservation. We have proof that it works! So why are there still some against it? Well, because it’s effectiveness is the result of its aggressiveness, an aggressiveness that has a negative impact on small rural farmers. We have to more closely examine one of the three […]

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