The Who’s Who in Rewilding

Building upon earlier conservation efforts, Michael Soule and Reed Noss (1998) expanded upon term, “rewilding,” to include the following features: “large, strictly protected core reserves, connectivity, and keystone species…(or) the three C’s: cores, corridors, and carnivores” (p. 22).  They published an article in “Wild Earth” in 1998 in which it was explained that ecosystems are connected by […]

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Our Partnership with Nature

The word rewilding is a young one.  Although, working to take care of the Earth and other species on this planet is not new.  In fact, I believe that conservation is not a learned trait but rather something that is embedded in our human nature.  As intelligent beings, we must partner with the rest of nature, to foster […]

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Rewilding: What it means to me

We should all care about the earth and the environment.  This is our home after all.  It was because of my personal desire to study environmental issues and work to solve them that got me interested in political science. Of the strides being taken to save the planet, so to speak, there was one word that has […]

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